People as Key Factor for IT Project Success

I truly believe that people are the first key factor in the success of an IT project, whether this is a BI, CRM, ERP, or Billing system. People management requires the investment of time and resources among all the participants in the project – managers, users, developers, consultants and advisors.

It is important to uphold a number of rules in this context.

Always Behave Decently and Respectfully.
You shouldn’t insult others personally and professionally.
You shouldn’t harm other people’s status, be condescending to them, speak to them using inappropriate language, or hint that their position is demeaning. You should always respect the authority of others.
This topic was greatly emphasized in one of the projects where I implemented a module for warehouse management. This was a small part of the project, but nevertheless, I invested special time in accompanying the warehouse manager, listening to his demands and problems, and finding a solution and answer for his needs, out of the understanding that in the world of the warehouse he is the authority and he has the main role.

 Invest time in getting to know the people involved
It is important to create a relationship on the personal level. It is possible and important to make small talk, even if the conversation does not exactly address the goals and topics that arise in the work on the project.

The shared hard work in the project requires the creation of personal contact with the users. Knowing the user well facilitates the integration of the system.
Sometimes even true friendships are created, as in the case of my team member with one of my clients, who achieved a friend for life in the framework of the project integration. In another case, I have a client who regularly calls on the holidays, although a long time has passed since the project was accomplished.

People meet 2

Create a pleasant atmosphere
It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the meetings with the project participants. It is necessary to set meetings at a place comfortable for the number of participants (meeting room, work station, café). Refreshments are always welcome, whether hot drinks, cold drinks, cookies, or a real meal. In one of the projects I was involved in, the project management meetings were always held at noon and lunch was served. So that the participants could enjoy both the meal and the productivity.

Truly listen
True listening constitutes a basis for the creation of a long-term relation with the participants and for the building of trust. Be sure to look at the person before you and not to respond automatically. Let them conclude their statements and listen to what they say, how they say it, and the message that they convey.

The main points that must be addressed in the continuation must be recorded. It is very important to create a feeling that the different topics will be addressed in a substantive manner.

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