A quick reference: Note to Managers- Positivity Matters by Dr. Marla G.

I think that this is a great idea well described by Dr. Marla G. in her article.
You can find it in this link:

Positivity Matters (venitism.blogspot.com)

Basically she is emphasising that managers should outwardly express positivity which  in turn can enhance workplace well-being and the achievement of valued outcomes.


She points out 4 HERO resources :

  • Hope. A belief in the ability to persevere toward goals and find paths to reach them.
  • Efficacy. The confidence that one can put forth the effort to affect outcomes.
  • Resilience. The ability to bounce back in the face of adversity or failure.
  • Optimism. A generally positive view of work and the potential of success.

Those can help you  with developing  leadership, setting and achieving challenging goals and facing obstacles Successfully.

From a personal point of view, positive approach always led me to success while managing IT projects. Not only with my direct employees but also with my the customers’ management and users. Positivity It is an important virtue and after reading this article I’m going to try to express it more in my upcoming challenges.

Thank you Dr. Marla G.

What do you think?

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