EI beats IQ- Higher emotional intelligence makes you a better leader !

What makes you a better leader at the workplace – academic competency or Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

EI wins hands down if we were to refer to an award winning study conducted by Dr. Rommel Sergio,of the Canadian University in Dubai.


The research findings divulge that the bank managers in the Middle East who have been performing well on their jobs possess high emotional intelligence

The study focused on the determinants of job performance such as emotional intelligence and demographic profile variables among 134 bank managers deployed in the private sector of the Middle East countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman. The demographic profile variables such as age, civil status, educational attainment, and work tenure were ascertained. The study intended to confirm if there was a correlation between and among demographic profile variables, emotional intelligence, and job performance of bank managers.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is regarded as the soft skills and a learned capability of employees that results in their outstanding performance at work.

There are four major dimensions of EI according to the framework of Goleman and Boyatzis (2000): Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. Leadership nests in Relationship Management dimension. Our research supports the previous researches across the globe that the higher the EI among managers, the better they perform at work. This is because of the leadership component of EI which is a job factor in a typical job performance among managers.

Research proves that EI is honed over time. The right sphere to harness EI is through experience. At a very young age, we all interact with people. If we are intra-personally capable, there is always a way to be possess interpersonal skills when we grow old that can help us lead organizations of today

Managing in the new age does not only entail that one shall possess academic excellence or high IQ (intelligence quotient). IE has a major role in the success of the manager.

I agree with that.  Are you?

For further reading : http://m.gulfnews.com/life/education/higher-emotional-intelligence-makes-you-a-better-leader-1.1213707

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