How to make a great challenge become a great success – A story about management commitment importance

I  am happy to share a story about a project I have managed. It was a great  personal challenge. One of the important factors that led to the project success was the customer’s management commitment.
Here is a translation of an article that was published by SAP:

FIBI           Menahel4u           SAP

Menahel4u Assimilated SAP in the First International Bank of Israel Group

The business software solution is based on SAP Business One and it will serve about 120 users in the Mataf Company and in five banks: FIBI, Otsar Ha-Hayal Bank, Massad Bank, U-Bank, and Poaley Agudat Israel Bank

SAP Israel announced the launch of an organizational computerization system based on SAP Business One in the FIBI Group. The FIBI Group is found in the five large banking groups in Israel. The group has five banks: FIBI, Otsar s, Poaley Agudat Israel, U-Bank, and Massad, which together constitute a network of about 170 branches throughout the country. The SAP Business One solution was assimilated in the five banks of the group and in its computerized company, Mataf, which provides the computerization and information management needs for the entire FIBI Group.

The project lasted only about half a year and was performed and managed by the Menahel4U Company, the partner of SAP that specializes in the implementation of the SAP Business One solution in companies from the banking, finance, and real estate sectors. The project was supported by the consultant Zavik Peskin, from the Tulip Information Systems Company.

The project will serve about 120 users in the FIBI Group, and it enables full unification of the inventory, procurement, and budget systems in every international group and full solution to the financial management in the Mataf Company. In addition to the solution of SAP Business One, the people in the Menahel4U in the FIBI Group also assimilated the following modules: module for the management of fixed assets, Inter-Company module for the management of inter-company processes, the Budget One module for the extended management of budget and acquisition, the module for the management of prepaid expenses and accrued expenses, the SSO module for the multi-company management of slogans and permissions, and so on.

Jorge Leiderman, the VP of administration and finance in Mataf, said:
“The system creates standardization of processes, improvement of automation, and reduction of operational risks through the reduction of the manual work. In addition, the system constitutes a step up in all that pertains to the budgetary control – on the level of each part separately and on the group level – and enables the creation of points of control, even up to “obstruction” over all the stages in the procurement processes. As a part of the implementation of the system, additional objectives in the group were achieved, such as creation of a uniform accounting index, establishment of a uniform budget tree, mapping of the entire acquisition processes and authorities, and so on.”

Asaf Solell, the VP of professional services in Menahel4U and the project manager, said: “The project presented a true management challenge both in terms of its scope and in terms of the short time available for the implementation. The management’s commitment to the project and the successes in harnessing the human capital in the organization fully led to the success of the project. The solution creates a uniform infrastructure that enables management and control of the procurement and budget processes in all levels of the organization, with implementation of a common language in all the units of the FIBI Group.”

Rami Menachem, the manager of SAP Business One Activity in the SAP Israel Company, said: “The SAP Business One solution grows from year to year at a high rate in Israel and around the world. The SAP Company invests greatly in the extension of the functionality of the solution, in the integration of the solution with the HANA technology, and its structural connectivity to SAP Business Suite, which enables its assimilation in subsidiaries of the corporations running SAP. The momentum of development and investment in the solution enables us to implement it today in organizations that are larger and far more complex than in the past, all the while implementing the assimilation in a short period of time and at relatively low costs.”

Press release:

SAP News    ERP.ORG EN YedaTech  News1 EN

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