Apple bought PrimeSense for 345 million dollars

Definitely well done. Congratulations.

An excellent example of a company that chose to implement a flexible ERP system that enabled the organization to grow and expand with support of its unique business processes.

PrimeSense implemented an organizational ERP system, SAP Business One.
The implementation was performed through the Menahel4U Company and includes unique modules in the field of budget, manufacture, and project management.

I was honored to advise, manage, and implement the project.

Primesense2  Menahel4u    SAP

The PrimeSense Company, which is behind the unique development of technology in the field of three-dimensional computerized vision ( Kinect sensors) , has recently implemented an ERP system of SAP – SAP Business One.

As a part of the process of the company’s constant growth, there was the need to increase the efficiency of the manner of access to the financial and budgetary information and to shorten the processes of viewing and accessing the organizational information through an advanced ERP system.

The implementation of the SAP Business One system was performed by the Menahel4U Company as a process of rapid assimilation in a few months, with an overall investment of hundreds of thousands of shekels.

The SAP Business One system in PrimeSense serves the workers in all the departments of the organization, from development and production to marketing, and allows them to manage all their business and financial activity through a shared uniform system. The workers in the company enjoy direct and convenient access to the organizational information and use the different modules of the system in all the areas of their activity, including budget, finance, human resources, inventory, manufacturing, and design of materials.

Vered Weinstein, Accountant, PrimeSense: “The implementation of SAP Business One in essence gave different departments in the organization access to and complete control over the organizational information, without dependence on and mediation of outside factors and suppliers, with the ability to install and extend additional modules of the system according to the organization’s needs, with the minimum of costs. The connection to the system enables full connectivity of all the organization’s systems to the main system and gives workers the ability to produce the data with the press of one button and without needing to use Excel reports.”

Ran Shalgi, Sales Manager of Menahel4U: “The uniqueness of the project in PrimeSense is expressed in complementary modules, which were especially adjusted to the company’s needs and utilized the system’s abilities of personal adjustment and flexibility. The modules that were implemented included the Budget One module for extended management of the company budget and projects, which includes processes of inspection and control, examination of budget, and reports; the Purchase One module that enables management of acquisition requests; the Bank Clearing System for Suppliers Module, which enables bank transfers; and the Document One Module, which enables documents to be scanned directly into the SAP system, so that they are stored in the database, and includes the ability to save and classify the documents according to categories or keywords and to attach a mail from Outlook to every card or document in SAP through ‘drag & drop’.

Rami Menahem, Manager of the Distribution Channels of SAP Israel: “The implementation of SAP Business One System  constitutes a natural continuation of the innovation of PrimeSense , as a company at the forefront of technology, and a response to its need for a solution commensurate with its rapid growth. The implementation gave the company automation of manual processes of acquisition, along with broad abilities of reporting and presentation of documents, budget monitoring and control, and unification of processes of manufacturing, in a rapid, friendly, and easy to perform process.”

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