About me

Over 10 years’ experience in advising business and  information systems project management.

During which successfully led dozens of projects in Israel and abroad in various fields such as – trade, industry, finance, high-tech and pharmaceuticals.
Current Position – VP Professional Services Manager at Menahel4U- A leading business partner of SAP.


Process Analysis
Strong ability to analyze business processes.
Quick perception of the client’s needs and matching solution for all levels in the organization – operations, interim management and senior management.

Consulting and business process optimization solutions in diverse areas – finance, inventory and warehouses, production, MRP, Supply Chain, Sales, CRM, BI and WEB.
Building solutions using existing products, new products or adapting work processes.

Project Management
Ability to manage a project considering time, budget & scope  from design stage through the stages of implementation and go live continued with ongoing support for the customer.
Optimistic point of view driven towards productivity and success.
Ability to make projects to succeed.

People management
Management teams of workers combining systems analysts, consultants, instructors and developers.
Excellent interpersonal relationships.

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