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An interesting insight by Louis Columbus- ERP Prediction for 2013: The Customer Takes Control

I really enjoyed reading Louis Colulmbus post. I think it is an interesting point of view. I can find evidence for it on my daily work with my customers. Here are his main point as published on FORBES- ERP Prediction for 2013: … Continue reading

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How to make a great challenge become a great success – A story about management commitment importance

I  am happy to share a story about a project I have managed. It was a great  personal challenge. One of the important factors that led to the project success was the customer’s management commitment. Here is a translation of an … Continue reading

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Rage against the Machine – Tears, Frustration, and the ERP System

When I went into the room I found her crying. From her gaze I understood that I should stop, change direction, and leave the office. She needed time to calm down, and I would not be the one to stand … Continue reading

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